Happy Hour with STEMinar

STEMinar_Oct 2014
Oct 2014 Happy Hour with STEMinar

Recently we FOSEPers have been branching out to meet other scientists in our community. This fall, we hosted two happy hours at Backcountry Taphouse with STEMinar. Founded by Trubee Davison in the fall of 2013, STEMinar is an interdisciplinary seminar for graduate students in STEM disciplines. STEMinar presentations are relatively nontechnical, accessible talks given by graduate students about a topic from their field of study. The goal of STEMinar is to bring together graduate students from various departments and create an environment for potential interdisciplinary research. You can find more information about STEMinar by liking their Facebook page or visiting their webpage here. They currently have seminars on Thursdays at 5 PM in ECCR 151, and also have some great opportunities for grants!

STEMinar_Dec 2014
Dec 2014 Happy Hour with STEMinar

In both October and December FOSEP and STEMinar came together to enjoy beer & pizza, learn about each others’ science, and discuss the bigger picture of science in society. These happy hours were attended 12-18 grad students, and were a wonderful way for FOSEP to engage with one part of the huge scientific community at CU. Hopefully we’ve attracted a little more interest in science policy, and we certainly learned a lot about what other graduate students are doing.

Are you a part of a grad student group that would enjoy learning more about FOSEP? We’d love to meet you and possibly coordinate joint events! Send us an email at FOSEP@colorado.edu.


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