Upcoming event: Wednesday, October 21

JMM Oct talk

October 21
Talk 12-1 PM
Q&A 1-2 PM
Ekeley S274

Abstract: With the arrival of the digital age, technology is shaping our world more than ever before. This entails both tremendous opportunities as well as risks and opens a large number of ethical questions. As the world becomes more and more complex and interconnected, polls seem to indicate an increasing uneasiness of citizens with science and technology and their influence on political decisions and societal choices. Often this uneasiness is based on gut feelings – such as being concerned about the health effects of wireless communication, while at the same time being more than happy to use the newest smartphone. This has partly led to opposition to technological advances or a significant delay in their deployment. At the same time, new technologies open new ways for citizens to engage with science and vice versa. This presentation will look at some examples from Europe and the US, such as GMOs and fracking, and discuss why the same evidence leads sometimes to a totally different societal acceptance. Finally, the presentation will give practical guidance for scientists on how to engage with society about their research.


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