Science Policy Talks at The Conference on World Affairs 2016


This week is CU’s annual Conference on World Affairs! That means that experts with a huge array of experience and vast knowledge will speak on panels across campus all week. The conference is free and open to the public – and as such popular talks are usually quite crowded! So arrive at talks early, be courteous, and take advantage of the ability to ask questions at the end of each talk.

The schedule can be found here, but FOSEP has organized a list of relevant talks below. These talks are related to science policy, science communication, science education, politics, and technology. We have also curated a list of speakers with science/tech and/or politics backgrounds – so look out for them!

You can also listen to a TON of talks from previous conferences thanks to the CWA Archive Project.


Do Something! Become an Activist
Kathleen Adams, Mercedes Alvarez, Sofie Karasek, Jeffrey Smith
Moderator: Nicholas Flores
11-12:30, UMC East Ballroom

Balancing Health & Environment
Joseph Byrum, Francesca Grifo, Charlie Menzie, Paul Wapner
Moderator: Charles Steinberg
11-12:30, UMC West Ballroom

My Future According to Science and Technology
Jamais Cascio, Eric Lindstrom, Max Nanis
Moderator: Sam Weaver
11-12:30, ATLAS Black Box

CLIMATE SERIES: When the Oceans Rise
Peter C. Frumhoff, Eric Lindstrom, Charlie Menzie
Moderator: Douglas Dupler
1-2:30, Old Main Chapel

Girl Geeks Unite!
Bonnie Burton, Bobbie Carlton, Francesca Grifo, Sonja Hoel Perkins
Moderator: Erin Frazier
3-4:30, UMC West Ballroom


Issues that Matter in this Election
Marilinda Garcia, Scott C. Miller, Joe Sexton, Mary G. Wilson
Moderator: Alan Rudy
9:30-11, UMC Center Ballroom

Rethinking Attitudes toward Sustainability
Andrés Edwards, Peter C. Frumhoff, Matthew Nelson, Andrea Polli
Moderator: Rebecca Folsom
11-12:30, UMC West Ballroom

CLIMATE SERIES: Theories & Myths of Climate Change
David Grinspoon, Robert Inglis, Eric Lindstrom, Oliver Morton, Paul Wapner
Moderator: John Fialka
12:30-2, UMC Chapel

Disruptive Innovation Could Save the World
Mercedes Alvarez, Joseph Byrum, Bwire Chirangi, Cynthia Koenig
Moderator: Zane Selvans
2-3:30, ATLAS Black Box

Irreproducible Scientific Results
Alex Berezow, Peter C. Frumhoff, Francesca Grifo, Eric Lindstrom
Moderator: Paul Beale
2-3:30, Wolf Law Wittemyer Courtroom

What Science Says About GMOs
Alex Berezow, Joseph Byrum, Charlie Menzie
Moderator: Orin Hargraves
3:30-5, UMC Center Ballroom

Clean Water: Human Right or Budget Issue
Francesca Grifo, Frank Shafroth, Charlie van der Horst
Moderator: Karen Ashmore
3:30-5, UMC West Ballroom

Full Court Press: 2016 Supreme Court Docket
Michael G. Franc, Ellie Boldman Hill, William Thorne, James E. Viator
Moderator: Scott Moss
3:30-5, UMC 235


The Anti-Scientific Right
Peter C. Frumhoff, David Grinspoon, Sidney Perkowitz, Paul Wapner
Moderator: Tom Blumentha
9-10:30, Wolf Law Wittemyer Courtroom

The Anti-Scientific Left
Alex Berezow, Joseph Byrum, Seth Shostak
Moderator: Lisa Morzel
11-12:30, Wolf Law Wittemyer Courtroom

Congress: How to Put “United” Back in United States
Michael G. Franc, Heather Hurlburt, Daniel Stid, Paul Wapner
Moderator: TJ Heyman
11-12:30, Macky Auditorium

CLIMATE SERIES: Risky Climate, Risky Solutions
Jamais Cascio, Morrow Cater, Peter C. Frumhoff, Oliver Morton
Moderator: Michael Kodas
11-12:30, Old Main Chapel

STEM Education: Why Should We Care?
Douglas Carlston, Francesca Grifo, Jeff Lieberman, Andrea Polli
Moderator: Jane Saltzman
1-2:30, UMC West Ballroom

Technological Solutions to World Hunger
Mercedes Alvarez, Joseph Byrum, B.J. Whetstine
Moderator: Cindy Donahue
3-4:30, UMC East Ballroom

The Two Party System is Doomed
Alex Berezow, Michael G. Franc, Aruna Kalyanam, Mary G. Wilson
Moderator: Mark Gerzon
3-4:30, UMC 235


CLIMATE SERIES: Climate Change, Inequality & Economic Growth
Arturo Ardila-Gomez, Timothy Wirth
Moderator: Alice Madde
9:30-11, Old Main Chapel

How Media & Politics Generate Hate and Fear
Mark Fallon, Adam J. Schrager, Ellen Sweets, Rob Warden
Moderator: Al Manz
11-12:30, Macky Auditorium

IN A WORLD WHERE … Movies Get the Science Right
Bonnie Burton, Oliver Morton, Sidney Perkowitz, Seth Shostak
Moderator: Albert Hand
11-12:30, ATLAS Black Box

The Age of Big Data
Joseph Byrum, Sidney Perkowitz, James Tanabe
Moderator: David Spiro
12:30-2, Old Main Chapel

Gender Discrimination in Science & Engineering
Athena Edmonds, Francesca Grifo, Andrea Polli, Seth Shostak
Moderator: Nikhil Mankekar
3:30-5, UMC West Ballroom

CWA@Night DEBATE: Science & Public/Personal Decisions About GMOs and Herbal Supplements
Michael Klymkowsky, Jeffrey Smith
Moderator: Joel Dyer
6-7 PM, UMC Center Ballroom

CWA@Night: The Endless Struggle for Reproductive Rights
Kathleen Adams, Marilinda Garcia, Ellie Boldman Hill
Moderator: Leslie Durgin
6-7 PM, UMC 235

CWA@Night: Hard Science, Soft Art
David Grinspoon, Jeff Lieberman, Max Nanis, Andrea Polli
Moderator: Charles Chase
6-7 PM, Chem 140


CLIMATE SERIES: Political Views on Climate Change: A Widening Gap
Morrow Cater, Ellie Boldman Hill, Andrea Polli, Mary G. Wilson
Moderator: Suzanne Jones
9-10:30, Old Main Chapel

Your Self-Driving Car Hit Mine!
Arturo Ardila-Gomez, Max Nanis, Frank Shafroth, Seth Shostak
Moderator: Will Toor
11-12:30, UMC 235

Computational Biology: Using Biology & Computers to Model Artificial Life
Oliver Morton, Max Nanis, Andrea Polli
Moderator: Bette Erickson
3-4:30, ATLAS Black Box

Water, Water … Not Everywhere
Bwire Chirangi, Cynthia Koenig, Charlie Menzie, Reza Ramazani
Moderator: Laura Sparks
3-4:30, Muenzinger E0046

Speakers to look out for

Mercedes Alvarez
Chemical Engineer and Founder of Solar Women of Nicaragua (FUPROSOMUNIC), Masaya, Nicaragua

Alex Berezow
Science and U.S./European Political Affairs Writer, Book Author, and Business Manager of Recurrence, Seattle

Peter C. Frumhoff
Director of Science and Policy, Union of Concerned Scientists, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Francesca Grifo
Scientific Integrity Official, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Washington D.C.

David Grinspoon
Senior Scientist, Planetary Science Institute, Washington, D.C.

Ellie Boldman Hill
Democratic U.S. House Representative, Second-Term, Missoula, Montana

Robert Inglis
Executive Director, Energy & Enterprise Initiative, Fairfax, Virginia, and Former Republican U.S. House Representative, South Carolina

Jeff Lieberman
Artist and Scientist, Somerville, Massachusetts

Eric Lindstrom
Climate Focus Area Lead, NASA Headquarters, Washington, D.C.

Charlie Menzie
Global Executive Director, Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC) and Principal Scientist, Exponent Inc., Alexandria, Virginia

Max Nanis
Conceptual Artist, Senior Computational Biologist at The Scripps Research Institute, and Software Engineer at 10x Management, La Jolla, California

Sidney Perkowitz
Candler Professor of Physics Emeritus, Emory University, Atlanta

Seth Shostak
Senior Astronomer, SETI Institute, Mountain View, California

Jeffrey Smith
Anti-GMO Activist and Founder of The Institute for Responsible Technology, Fairfield, Iowa

Ty Tashiro
Author and Social Scientist, New York City

Mary G. Wilson
Immediate Past President, League of Women Voters of the U.S., Albuquerque, New Mexico

Tim Wirth
Vice Chair of the United Nations Foundation and Better World Fund and Former U.S. Senator from Colorado, Washington, D.C

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